The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Acoustic, Perforated Plywood and Plasterboard Panels

Do you have interior surfaces requiring acoustic panels? Do you have a project with a lobby or hallway where perforated plywood panels would absorb the incidental noise of foot traffic and conversations? Do you need a pre-finished perforated plasterboard option to cover the large surfaces in a library or auditorium, absorbing ambient noise? Have a restaurant requiring a stylish solution for both appearance and a pleasant atmosphere?

Keystone acoustics offer a comprehensive selection of perforated plywood and perforated plasterboard that can be used for a huge range of applications. We supply to your required configurations, with a range of slotted and unique designs. We also offer additional sound reduction with our KA100 backing option available for all our products.

Why do Acoustics Matter?

When you are in a noisy shopping centre, watching a music concert or trying to concentrate in a busy office, you become aware of just how important sound is.

In a shopping centre, foot traffic and general activity all add to the ambient noise level, if this is not controlled the result will echo and be unbearably loud.

In a concert hall if you are in the back row, you are relying on the acoustic system to properly hear the show.

In an office, if sound is not absorbed you will hear every conversation, undermining productivity.

Perforated Plasterboard or Plywood is the Answer

Keystone acoustics offer perforated plywood, plasterboard and fibre cement for use as acoustic panels. You can find the style you desire in a material that suits your design.

  • Key-Ply: Perforated plywood never looked so good; organic tones with all the great properties of timber.
  • Key-Lena: Affordable MDF in a massive variety of finishes.
  • Key-Nirvana: Concept veneer over MDF or ply, be creative and get the look you want.
  • Equitone: Architectural fibre cement from a major brand, giving you a distinct look that cannot be copied.
  • Key-R-Line: Decorative grooved panels suitable for any surface.
  • Key-Board: Perforated plasterboard that integrates seamlessly with plaster features.
  • Key-Eclipse: Eco-friendly and fire-retardant properties make this product perfect for commercial applications.
  • Key-Endura: Fibre cement in a decorative style, the perfect fit for interior or exterior sound reduction.
  • Key-Kompress: Cladding and facades require a stylish touch, Key-Kompress offers this in spades.
  • Key-Graphix: Decorative panels that can utilise perforation to create patterns, logos or anything else creative you desire.
  • Key-Solid: Shaped and cut to size with numerous pre-finished options available.

Find Your Acoustic Panel

Get in touch with one of our experienced project managers, start a conversation about how we can work with you. We’re happy to discuss the requirements of your project and how one of our products can provide a high quality aesthetic and acoustic option.