The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

External Cladding – Functional, Aesthetic and more

For any business the exterior façade will often be the first point of contact between you and your clients. It is important that you make a great first impression, engaging them with a unique design that reflects your values and style in an interesting way.

Beyond these stylistic requirements you need reliable, practical properties for external cladding. Your façade has to stand up to the weather, meaning it has to withstand the Australian sun and extremes. It also needs to be easy to maintain, where keeping it attractive and cleaning off accumulated dirt is a simple process.

Keystone Acoustics’ range of external cladding is perfect for retail shops, educational institutions, clubs, restaurants, swimming and leisure centres and industrial buildings. Our selection of products for façades and soffits provide all the stylistic and functional requirements you need.

Products that Perform

The acoustic properties of your external cladding is extremely important, for both noise levels inside your property and for minimising the noise pollution you emit.

The noise levels created from the activities of modern living are diverse and can adversely affect the comfort of anyone using your property. If you do not use an external cladding product with adequate sound absorption your property may let in uncomfortable levels of noise from traffic, pedestrians and active commercial sites.

To mitigate invasive noise pollution it is important that you use materials selected for their acoustic performance and properties. Otherwise you run the risk of unwanted sound entering your building, particularly disruptive low frequency noise.

Explore Our Range

When you need façades or soffits that offer style, durability and acoustic performance we have a selection of options available, including: Key-Ply, Equitone, Key-Endura and Key-Kompress. These are suitable for use in:

  • Facades – Beautiful, long-lasting and capable of keeping unwanted noise out, our fibre cement cladding make the perfect modern exterior.
  • Soffits – Watertight, durable soffits are important for any construction. Our products provide you the added benefit of acoustic performance, meaning more complete sound insulation.

For more information or to discuss with an experienced professional contact a project manager today. We will be happy to discuss the requirements of your project.