The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Stunning, High Performance Acoustic Façade Panels

Does your project require façade panels that are resistant to daily wear and tear? Something that has options for style and finish, allowing you to create a distinct and aesthetic exterior? A product that is structurally stable and sound absorbent, meaning not only will your exterior look special it will functionally help to create a pleasant atmosphere inside?

The modern world is loud and the general public has an incredible range of choice as they travel through commercial districts. You need a way to stand out and catch their attention, while also ensuring you can provide a pleasing experience inside your premises. Using façade panels from Keystone Acoustics is a great way to gain an advantage.

We have a range of fibre cement Key-Kompress and Equitone options suitable for any build. These products offer:

  • Impact Resistance
  • Durability
  • Modern Stylings
  • Easy Installation
  • Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance and Your Façade

It is vital that you consider the impact of noise pollution when selecting façade panels. Traffic, noisy neighbours, commercial activity, waste collection, construction sites, aircraft and much more can leak into your interior and make your space unpleasant for clients and staff.

This troublesome noise can affect you differently depending on your industry and building usage:

  • For restaurants, the ambiance that is central to a good dining experience can be undermined by inadequate exterior noise absorption.
  • For educational facilities, noise can disrupt teaching and learning.
  • For an industrial building the reverse may be true. You may find yourself needing an external façade that helps prevent noise escaping, to meet building codes.

Fibre Cement – The Modern Look

Keystone Acoustics provide two varieties of products suitable as façade panels, both long-lasting fibre cement with excellent structural and acoustic performance. For product specifics and applications please browse these product pages:

Equitone – Modern through colour fibre cement with a raw, cement finish.

Key-Kompress – High density fibre cement that can be cut and customised to your specifications.

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