The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Resilient Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Exterior Soffits

Exterior soffits require special consideration when selecting the construction material as the exposed underside of any overhanging eave, architrave or ceiling means they face special conditions relating to the weather, noise entry and thermal transference.

When selecting a material for a soffit you need a product that meets these three major requirements, as well as being lightweight and easy to install.

Customisable fabricated acoustic ceiling panels, such as Keystone Acoustics’ Key-Ply, Key-Endura and Key-Kompress are perfect options for all manner of soffits.

Your Functional Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Our acoustic ceiling panels are able to resist plenty of water exposure over their lifetimes, making them resistant to rot and mould, and perfect for external construction. Additionally, as soffits are major points of exposure between attic cavities and the outside means they need to be made from materials that insulate from thermal transfer. Our products have suitable thermal properties. Acoustically these need to be highly sound absorbent, otherwise sound will transfer from the noisy outside into attic cavities that have a tendency to echo. Leading to potentially disruptive noise pollution for your interior.

The Product & Materials for Your Project

Thankfully Keystone Acoustics provide several suitable products for all your soffit needs, in both plywood and fibre cement:

  • Key-Ply: Offering a natural and organic timber look, the natural acoustic insulation and structural benefits of timber mean a product with an all-round profile for your requirements.
  • Key-Kompress: Structurally adequate and smooth fibre cement that is resilient to anything the weather will throw at it.
  • Key-Endura: Decorative panels that are perfect for when you need fibre cement with a little extra stylistic flourish.
  • Equitone: Through-coloured, raw textured fibre cement sourced from a renowned supplier. Meaning a sleek, crisp exterior finish.

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Contact a Keystone project manager to discuss the perfect Key-Ply or fibre cement option for your exterior. We can supply and customise the perfect solution for your project.