The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Perforated Panels for Your Project’s Interior

Interior acoustics involves carefully crafting an outstanding interior space that balances the hard science of acoustic engineering with the art of design. We assess your space and the way sound will interact with surfaces in that space to offer an architectural and acoustic solution. This solution will result in us suggesting, producing and delivering the right perforated panels and, possibly, substrates.

Are you looking to increase speech projection and intelligibility for large halls, like lecture auditoriums, theatres or churches? Do you need to create a vibrant and comfortable ambiance for a restaurant or café? Fitting out an office needing noise suppression or dampening for a productive and pleasant environment?

To achieve these acoustic features we offer a range of perforated panels made from materials chosen for their acoustic properties. This means materials that suit your design requirements and optimal sound characteristics for the rooms within your project.

Our Interior Solutions

The Keystone Acoustics range of durable and visually attractive architectural wall and ceiling panels enable the creation of appealing, unique interiors. We carefully source and produce, so you only get high quality, eco-friendly and fire-rated perforated panels. Products include: Key-Ply, Key-Lena, Key-Nirvana, Equitone and more.

Wall Panels: Controlling sound in a room isn’t just simply applying a surface that is sound absorbent or dispersive. It is a careful process of designing the perfect textured or perforated panel arrangements to create a rich and stylish look with an optimum soundscape

Ceiling Panels: We have a variety of sound-absorbing products for ceilings in a selection of materials, including plywood, plasterboard and fibre cement. This means you can create the look you need in a material that suits the overall style of your project, because appearance is just as important as performance.

Find the Style and Material for Your Project

Create the right acoustic system for your project with one of Keystone Acoustics’ products, and set yourself apart from the rest. Get in touch with a project manager today to discuss your new interior.