The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

High Performance Interior Acoustic Ceiling Panels and Tiles

One of the most important considerations for any room is sound reflection. When sound reflection is neglected or overlooked the result is an interior with, at best, a “messy” soundscape and, at worst, a distinctly unpleasant one. This occurs because when using a material is that is not a specialised acoustic ceiling tile or panel, sound will reverberate randomly around the room and in an unequal range of frequencies.

For your interior this could mean:

  • An auditorium where it's hard to make out the speaker from certain points in the audience.
  • A restaurant where you cannot hear your friends or family talking to you across the table, but you can clearly hear someone from three tables over.
  • An office where productive work becomes difficult because discussions between colleagues carry to areas where other employees are working.

The easy solution is to engage a dedicated and experienced supplier of acoustic ceiling tiles, panels and systems early in your project to ensure your interior avoids these common issues.

Create the Perfect Interior

Interior ceilings can be designed depending on the sound requirements, level of aesthetics needed and a project’s overall budget. Based on these elements we will suggest and supply products customised for you, always delivering high performance acoustics, meaning:

  • Sound direction is controlled and focused
  • Resonation of sound covers a broad range of frequencies and pitches, so sound is clear and stable
  • Attenuation and distortion are minimised

For different rooms, acoustic performance can mean different focuses and intended outcomes:

  • For auditoriums it is important that speech is intelligible and carries to all parts of the audience. To accomplish this your acoustic ceiling panels need to diffuse the speaker’s voice across the room, reflecting sound so the full pitch of their voice reaches everyone. However, the acoustic ceiling panels must also avoid reflecting sound back at the speaker.
  • Restaurants are open plan and full of activity, it is important that this is mitigated but not eliminated entirely. A flat, noiseless interior would be inappropriate and disconcerting for patrons. Instead, by using curved or textured acoustic ceiling tiles sound can be dampened to a pleasant hum.
  • Hallways and lobbies are, unsurprisingly, large sources of noise, with constant footsteps and frequent informal conversations. It is important to use absorbent acoustic ceiling tiles to prevent this noise spreading to quieter areas of a building./li>

Find Your Solution

Keystone Acoustics offer a full range of acoustic ceiling tiles and panels suitable for any project. Please browse our product categories for further details:

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