The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Acoustic Wall Panels for Any Interior Wall

When designing architectural interiors that deliver a pleasant ambiance and atmosphere, it is important to choose architectural wall panels that not only perform, but look great too. Interior surfaces see plenty of use in their lifetime, so your architectural panels need to be hard-wearing and resilient.

When you need to create an aesthetic, creative and distinct interior, Keystone has an extensive range of options. We have cost-effective Key-Lena MDF, long-lasting Key-Endura fibre cement and customisable Key-Ply options. This means you can find the perfect option for your space, design and budget, whether that be sound dampening for a commercial office, feature linings for a restaurant or high impact walls for a noisy hotel lobby.

Craftsmanship that Equals Results

Architecturally designed acoustic interiors need to take into account various factors:

  • Style and Finish
  • Durability
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Fire Retardant Properties

We will consider these factors alongside your requirements and budget to supply you with the perfect panels for the interior of your project.

We have experience in providing solutions for some of the largest commercial projects in Australia. For example, we provided Key-Eclipse fire rated MDF for Glenzeil Construction’s $48M project at the Rocket Tower, Robina, Gold Coast. We supplied cut-to-size solid panels for use as high impact surface panels, delivering a precision, custom fit and glorious, pre-finished, high-gloss polyurethane finish. The quality of the work illustrates our commitment to:

  • Craftsmanship
  • ‘Green’ Design Principles
  • Client Satisfaction

Our Full Product Range

For further information about the full range of our products, their specifications and how they can be the perfect acoustic wall panels for your project please browse their dedicated pages:

  • Key-Ply
  • Key-Lena
  • Key-Nirvana
  • Key-Eclipse
  • Key-R-Line
  • Key-Graphix
  • Key-Solid
  • Key-Endura

To see them in action please browse our case studies.

Bring Your Project to Life

Looking to give your project a distinct, high acoustic performance interior? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, speak to one of our experienced project managers today.