The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Key Board, Perforated Plasterboard

When the sound quality in a room is important, Key-Board perforated plasterboard panels are an excellent choice. Offering superior sound insulation with excellent design flexibility, these wall acoustic panels are a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.

Lightweight and easy to install, Key-Board perforated plasterboard wall acoustic panels can be integrated seamlessly with other plaster features. Usually installed with 10-25% of the surface area open for maximum acoustic performance, the design and functionality of these panels is limited only by your imagination.

Key Ply


  • Interior acoustic wall and ceiling systems for lecture theatres, cinemas and auditoriums
  • Ceiling and wall feature panels
  • Partition walls

A Perfect Choice

The acoustic superiority of Key-Board panels make them an excellent choice for any location where sound quality is important. Their flexibility and cost-effectiveness make them perfect for any installation.

Speak with one of Keystone Acoustics’ project managers about how Key-Board perforated plasterboard wall acoustic panels can improve the look and acoustic performance of your space today.