The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.

Keystone Acoustics System Products

The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone believes that beauty can also be highly functional. With a wide range of customisable products, their decorative wall panels and acoustic systems won’t just suit your practical needs - they’ll take your breath away.

By choosing the right decorative wall panel from among their wide material selection, you will create an inviting atmosphere that represents your business while giving it the most appropriate acoustic system available. The ambience you create with your Keystone Acoustics product selection will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Products Include:

  • Key-Eclipse - Strong, durable and fire retardant, Key-Eclipse meets BCA codes and has a Group 1 , group 2 rating.
  • Key-Ply - With a natural and organic timber appearance, Key-Ply panels are excellent acoustic systems for spaces where noise reduction is necessary
  • Key-Lena – For beautiful decorative walls with maximum noise reduction, Key-Lena offers an endless variety of pre-finished colours and veneers.
  • Key-Board – Superior acoustic option for walls and ceilings, Key-Board decorative wall panels offer excellent design flexibility
  • Key-Endura – Long lasting and durable, Keystones perforated fibre cement panels are great for ceilings, walls or wet areas
  • Key-Kompress – A compressed, perforated fibre cement, Key-Kompress can be perforated, slotted and cut to size for internal use and building façades
  • Key-Designa – Creativity should never be stifled. When you have a specific and unique design in mind, Key-Designa lets you custom create your look
  • Key-Nirvana – With durable pre-finished panels available in a wide range of colours, Key-Nirvana is an excellent, economic solution to transform any space
  • Key-R-Line – An easy to install and versatile decorative wall panel, the Key-R-Line also offers a highly efficient acoustic lining
  • Key-Graphix – Make an artistic statement with your logo or chosen design for a dramatic indoor or outdoor decorative wall panel
  • Key-Solid -  Ability to shape and cut to size to suit design requiremnets. Lots of pre-finishing options availabel with Key-Solid architectural panels.

For even greater sound reduction, all of our products can be supplied with KA100 backing.

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Turn Your Vision into Reality

The right acoustic system that is can be created by using one of Keystone decorative wall or ceiling panels will set you apart from the rest. They are happy to work with your individual needs in order to help you realize your vision.

Get in touch with one of their project managers today to discuss your new space.