The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone Acoustics believes that beauty can also be highly functional.


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    Keystone Acoustics has earned a reputation for excellence in designing and manufacturing functional perforated panels and ceiling acoustic tiles. Our products are used in award-winning projects and acoustic systems. They have been used to create design elements that have the dual advantage of stunning aesthetics and practicality. Discover the unique

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    The right architectural design can help you impress clients, but Keystone believes that beauty can also be highly functional. With a wide range of customisable products, their decorative wall panels and acoustic systems won’t just suit your practical needs - they’ll take your breath away. By choosing the right decorative

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    Keystone Acoustics is committed to providing only the best quality ceiling, lining and wall panels. All of their products are engineered for performance thanks to decades of experience perfecting their slotting, patterning and perforating techniques. Whether your space requires plain panels or you want to add depth and dimension to

  • Environmental

    Keystone Acoustics has maintained a strong commitment to the environment for over forty years. They not only set and maintain high standards for the suppliers they work with, but for every aspect of the company as well. The manufacturing processes employed along with energy consumption management systems, allow keystone to

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    Equitone   Download EQUITONE Installation Guide EQUITONE Brochures     Key Ply   Keystone Acoustics KEY-PLY AC Hoop Pine Plywood panels were used in The Cove Café fit-out creating an effective decorative and acoustic ceiling.   Perforated Key Ply Perforated KEY PLY KP1-12.5-5 KEY PLY KP1-12.5-6 KEY PLY KP1-12.5-7 KEY

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    WHO WE ARE: A family owned and operated supplier and more importantly manufacturer of architecturally designed wall and ceiling panels with our primary focus on acoustics and other environmental factors. “Keystone is bringing new life to a predefined architecturally specified product. When combining the way we work with architects and

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    Images, graphics, illustrations, textures and colour, all come to life printed on virtually any surface such as wood, glass, acrylic and more. Large format printing that brings a whole new dimension to your ideas - a third dimension!!! With a capacity to print 3D texture that you can actually ‘feel’